Colorado Springs Urban Intervention is a program through the Pikes Peak Community Foundation in Colorado Springs


Colorado Springs Urban Intervention (CSUI) is envisioned as an organization that will put on the ground demonstrations of infrastructure in place. By providing a place that can not only be seen, but also experienced, responses to the success or failure of an implementation can be tested with a small amount of capital investment. The ideal outcome of each intervention, including Better Block Pikes Peak, is to experience the idea of improved urban spaces that serve the community as a whole and accommodate multiple modes of transportation with an emphasis on the pedestrian. We strive to improve the quality of life in the Pikes Peak Region and increase the economic benefits that these urban spaces provide.

Colorado Springs Urban Intervention seeks to engage citizens, leaders in local government, and the community in conversation about environmental Urban planning through demonstration projects like Better Block.

Advisory Committee Members of Colorado Springs Urban Intervention:

John Olson, Chair

Ray Winn, Vice-Chair

Darsey Nicklasson, Treasurer

Aaron Briggs, Secretary

Ken Brickman

Frank Kinder

Nick Kittle

Hannah Parsons

Sandy Vanderstoep


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