Finding our way to walkability with pedestrian signs

ImageDowntown Colorado Springs is packed with cultural, recreational, retail and dining opportunities. There are hundreds of things to do within a few minutes on foot from anywhere in the downtown core – and we can prove it.

Today, Colorado Springs Urban Intervention is hanging almost 100 pedestrian way-finding signs downtown.

You might have noticed the big green downtown signs on many of the intersections. But most people haven’t. They blend in. The maps are dated and the destinations are boring. On top of all that, they’re kind of car oriented. The Downtown Partnership is working on a plan to more permanently improve those.

In the mean time, CSUI is installing a colorful temporary solution. Our beautiful signs, artfully designed free of charge by talented graphic designer Tiffany Schmid, point pedestrians to restaurants, bars, shops, recreation and parking.

We point out the extreme walkability of our city by noting on each sign how long a walk will take. Most are just a few minutes.

Left out

We do not name any for-profit businesses by name, though we do point people toward them using generic terms. We didn’t include names because we didn’t want to make the signs into advertisements.

Of course, we couldn’t point pedestrians to every business. And we apologize if we left yours out. We didn’t do it intentionally and we hope you will forgive us our omissions.

Where this comes from

These signs are an experiment. They’re designed to get people excited about downtown, to make people aware of just how walkable the city’s core is and how easy it is to park in a garage and go the rest of the way on foot.

We also suspect that some of our signs will make even downtown regulars aware of a place or two they didn’t know about before.

We hope you are as excited about this project as we are and see its value or at least appreciate the sentiment behind it.

Support CSUI

If you like our project, please consider making a donation to CSUI. We want to do more innovative projects like this one and will need to rebuild our bank account.

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