Potential Projects via Urban Intervention?

In the spirit of our Ignite! talk, don’t be an idea hoarder, the following are a list of interventions that have been discussed in our informal group. If you see one that is intriguing to you and see a method of getting it done, we’re here to help.

  1. Better Block at:
    1. North Nevada near Navajo Hogans
    2. East Boulder Street
    3. No Man’s Land on Colorado/Manitou Avenue
    4. West Colorado Avenue (Somewhere between Limit Street to I-25)
    5. South Tejon Street (Ivywild)
    6. Tejon Street (Downtown)
    7. Pueblo Avenue
    8. North Weber (near Bon Shopping Center)
    9. Downtown Fountain
    10. Downtown Monument
  2. Protected Bike Lanes
    1. Bijou Avenue (Wahsatch to Westview Pl)
    2. Kiowa Avenue (Wahsatch to Sierra Madre)
    3. Cascade Avenue (through Colorado College)
    4. East Pikes Peak Avenue
    5. Weber Street
    6. East Boulder Street
    7. Templeton Gap
    8. South Union Blvd/ Hancock Expressway (Between Fountain and Circle Drive)
    9. North Nevada
    10. Academy Blvd
    11. Fontanero East of MVP
  3. Walk-In Theater (Connect Colorado Springs)
  4. Epicentral Parklet (Planned for Spring 2015)
  5. Children’s Museum Temporary Activation in an otherwise Vacant Existing Building
  6. Shipping Container Shops/Offices
  7. Alley Revitalization Behind Kimball Theater
  8. Bus Rapid Transit Downtown to UCCS
  9. Streetcar from Downtown to Old Colorado City to Manitou Springs
  10. Antler’s Park
  11. Colbrun Avenue as Extension of Bancroft Park
  12. Bicycle Repair Stations
  13. Extension of Public Market at the Previous Gazette Building
  14. “Accentuate the Positive” Signage
  15. “Greetings from Colorado Springs” Mural
  16. Enlivening the Dead Zones on and along Pueblo Avenue

Please feel free to add more in the comments if there are some that we have missed. We’ll continue to update this post over time, including Points of Contact of someone who desires to lead one of the interventions. In addition, please consider giving a donation to make this all happen during the Indy Give! campaign!

Happy Holidays!

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