Help Us Find Our Way To Walkability

Colorado Springs Urban Intervention is planning a new project and we need your help.

Our mission:
We want to show visitors and downtown regulars alike just how walkable downtown Colorado Springs really is.

Our means:
We will place temporary pedestrian wayfinding signs on the existing downtown wayfinding signs, which you might not have ever noticed as they tend to blend in and fail offer much direction.

The signposts are located on the northwest and southeast corners of all intersections along Tejon between Vermijo and Platte and on the southeast corners along Cascade and northwest corners along Nevada.

How you can help:
The next step in the process is to plan out which signs will go where and how they will all fit together. In order to do that, we need several eager volunteers and perhaps their helpful friends to take a couple blank cardboard pieces and zip ties out with a list of destinations and their imaginations.

When and where you can help:
If you want to help us plan out these downtown wayfinding signs, meet up with us at Phantom Canyon at 4 p.m. on Thursday, March 6. When we’re all finished, we can celebrate with drinks. The more people we have helping, the sooner we’ll get to happy hour, so invite you’re friends to help. We’ll give you more detail and direction when you arrive.

Contact Amanda if you have questions or comments:

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